Disney College Program: 10 more days!


It is officially 10 little days away from my first day with the Walt Disney Company! I am so excited to start working for this company and so excited to be working at the Happiest Place on Earth! As most of you already know, I have accepted a position at the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California because it’s close to home and personally, my favorite Disneyland park (though I haven’t been to Disneyland Paris or Shanghai yet, so that’s still up in the air!). I will be working the role of Front Desk at one of their hotels (TBD) which was my top choice considering I my parents spent $$$$ on me pursuing a Business degree and a major in Hospitality Management . I am so excited to be joining the crazy, restless and rewarding hospitality industry.

Most of my friends know that Disney is a company I hold close to my heart because my dad has worked for the company for over 25+ years! He works for their Imagineer department and from what I can remember from Bring Your Child to Work Day (13 years ago?? I don’t know), he does a lot with the animatronics on rides and whatnot. So! I grew up being a little Disney princess, going to Disneyland whenever I got the chance and my boyfriend and I still go at least 5 times a year.

Anyway! This company is so, so special to me because of all the opportunities it has created for my father and in turn, my family, and I can only dream of becoming a permanent member of the Disney family. Everyone has to start somewhere and the Disney College Program will be my start. Can’t wait for January 15!!


3 thoughts on “Disney College Program: 10 more days!

  1. No way!!!! That is so exciting congrats to you!!! Disney is for sure the happiest AND most magical place on earth! I just recently revisited Disney World the first week of Decemeber, ugh I loved it so much and already miss it! I’ve also been to Disney Land which was just as wonderful. But that is sooo exciting!! I stayed at one of the Resorts on site the Polynesian, and I made friends with the life guard that said they get to go to Disney FOR FREE?!? I couldn’t believe my ears but totally deserving!!! I can’t wait to hear where you end up!!!
    xo, JJ


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