Goodbye 2016 and Hello 2017!

2016 was a rollercoaster. Personally, 2016 was probably my best year yet, though of course it had its downfalls. I like to focus on the good though so just a little review of all the wonderful things that happened in 2016 (mostly so I don’t ever forget)…and I’m not gonna lie, I definitely had to look back on my Instagram to find some of these highlights. I have the memory of a small, old goldfish:

  • Worked at a small bed & breakfast in San Francisco for the first time that taught me so much about an industry that I am absolutely passionate about. Met some fascinating people along the way, traveling to San Francisco from all over the world.
  • Saw Justin Bieber live twice (I mean…c’mon.)
  • Turned 21! What an exciting year. It’s all downhill from here.
  • Traveled to freakin’ Honolulu, Hawaii with my two best friends and roomies, Noelle and Jessie, for 5 days. This was my first time traveling somewhere with friends and it was absolutely incredible! The weather was perfect and we celebrated Jessie’s 21st there, as well.
  • Celebrated 2 years with my boyfriend, Andrew! Though it feels like it’s been much longer, considering we’ve known each other since the seventh grade. This relationship in itself has been a rollercoaster (more on that later!)
  • Traveled to Walt Disney World in Florida with Andrew for the very first time! This was our first ever vacation together and it was amazing but so, SO hot. I don’t know why people retire in Florida, I would be so anxious from the humidity. We spent about a week there and visited every single WDW theme park (thanks for the tickets, dad!)
  • Accepted a Manager in Training internship over the summer with the Burlingame Country Club, a prestigious private club in northern California, and learned so much about management, working with people and customer service. Such a great learning experience.
  • Worked for SoulCycle for about 2 months which is probably one of my favorite work experiences EVER. SoulCycle is absolutely life-changing and yes, I know it’s expensive but it’s cheaper (and better!) than therapy. The only reason I left was because I accepted a position with Disney, starting Jan. 15 (10 days!!!), otherwise I would probably still be there, finding my soul (is there one?).
  • Traveled to Sonoma, Santa Cruz and Solvang for the first time ever! Not the most exciting places in the world but still worth noting.
  • Got accepted to the Disney College Program in Anaheim, California! Applied for the Front Desk role in the hotels and told myself I would only accept it if I got that position in Anaheim because I can’t imagine living in Florida right now and got accepted for that exact role.
  • GRADUATED from the University of San Francisco with a B.S. in Business Administration and a major in Hospitality Management. I did it in about 3 and a half years. College was fun but this little gal has always wanted to a step or two ahead of the game.

Aaaand that’s pretty much all I got for ya. A LOT happened in 2016 and overall, it was a pretty good year minus all the stuff happening out in the real world. 2017 is bound to top it though because I get the pleasure of working for Disney and so that’s already a win in my book.


One thought on “Goodbye 2016 and Hello 2017!

  1. Okay so I totally thought we had the same name just spelled differently until I read your bio post, I’m Jenny you’re Jeanie, still cool! But secondly, our boyfriends have the same name! LOL So jelly you go to go to Hawaii, went like 3-4 years ago and it was THE best vacation ever. Andrew and I are currently trying to save to take a trip there this year *fingers crossed* But girl, sounds like you did in fact have a great year! Can’t complain about graduating college, that is the best feeling!!! Now onto that adult life 😉 Can’t wait to follow you through 2017!

    xo, JJ


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