#asiangoddessofbrunch tries “The Front Yard”

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I have to note that my chipmunk cheeks are coming down from a post-wisdom tooth surgery….so there’s that. 

So considering how new this blog is, most of you aren’t aware of my obsession with brunch (look up #asiangoddessofbrunch on Instagram…in my defense, I had a friend comment that on one of my brunch pictures and alas, a beautiful hashtag was born). Most of the time, my wonderful boyfriend takes me to all these random brunch places (thank you, Yelp) because I hate driving all over LA and he’s simply the best.


So today, my boyfriend treated me to brunch at a spot called The Front Yard, located in North Hollywood! This brunch was especially special to me because 1) I haven’t had brunch in what feels like years (it’s probably been like 2 weeks) and 2) I AM FINALLY ABLE TO EAT SOLID FOODS AFTER A WEEK OF EATING SOUP, PUDDING AND ICE CREAM (thank you, wisdom teeth).

Anyway! So The Front Yard is actually part of the Garland hotel, so it opens pretty early in the morning but we rolled in around 10:30 am on a Friday. It wasn’t crowded at all so we sat outside and they have the most gorgeous outdoor seating. Very hip and happening….is that what the cool kids call it? I wouldn’t know. But really, the patio area is so cute and I will definitely be back for dinner or brunch on a weekend to enjoy that environment.

I had the Nutella Stuffed French Toast and cappuccino  and Andrew had his usual American breakfast (eggs, sausage, potatoes, toast, etc.)…that’s pretty much always the deal. I am obsessed with Nutella and french toast so this was a no brainer. The french toast came with bananas (which I’m slightly allergic to but we’ll pretend I’m not for the sake of brunch) and was SO good…and from the potatoes I stole from Andrew’s plate, that was pretty damn good too.

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Nutella Stuffed French Toast, Cappuccino and American Breakfast

The service here was also really great (thank you, Josh!). The server was prompt and kind, and the food came out pretty quickly. Working in the hospitality industry, I notice how great or not so great a server is without even really realizing it but Josh was great. Not much more I can ask from a restaurant…it was a great breakfast date and I will definitely be back!

Also, must include a special thank you to my boyfriend (and probably the only other person besides me who reads this thing) for putting up with annoying little me. So…thank you, love 🙂

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Also, a special thank you to my Instagram husband for taking all of these pictures. You’re the best, AG! Love you!!

Location: The Front Yard, 4222 Vineland Avenue, North Hollywood, CA 91602


3 thoughts on “#asiangoddessofbrunch tries “The Front Yard”

  1. omg did you say nutella stuffed french toast?!?!?!?! Thats the best 4 word combination there is lol Im nutella obsessed and bananas too….Im suddenly so hungry! Did anything happen after you ate the bananas?

    xo, JJ


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