The Tuck Room Tavern — Los Angeles

Alright y’all, I guess we can’t call this series “#asiangoddessofbrunch tries…” because this was dinner so we’ll figure out something else to call this series or maybe not because I’m not actually that creative.

So my love took me out to dinner in Westwood last night. We had reservations at 6:30 pm at the Tuck Room Tavern, which was the first thing that popped up on Yelp when I Google’d Westwood. Luckily, it has some pretty solid reviews and the prices looked pretty reasonable (which becomes important when you dine out as much as I do…why am I like this).

The restaurant itself is pretty dark (which is why these photos are so blurry…..yes, I have a Canon, no, I don’t really know how to use it, and yes, I use this camera only on Auto, HA), and has a very upscale bar, lounge-y type of feel but everyone is dressed pretty casually. It’s attached to a theater and the hostess asked us if we had a showtime to catch, so I assume there’s some kind of dinner + show deal or something of the sort. I don’t know, I missed the memo on that, but it might be nice to grab a bite and catch a movie afterwards next time. Hostess was very nice and so was our server. It was a busy night (it was Saturday, after all) so it was understandable when we couldn’t get our server’s attention all the time. It seemed like he had a lot going on in his section so taking that into consideration, the service wasn’t bad.

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Mac & cheese “fries” with a roasted tomato dip

We started off with the Mac & cheese “fries” which was literally so, so good. Mac & cheese is probably one of my favorite non-brunch items so deep fried mac & cheese was an absolute dream. The dipping sauce was also very light and a perfect combination with the “fries”; so glad it wasn’t just a plain marinara dipping sauce because that’s probably my least favorite dipping sauce ever.

I also ordered the Norma Jean, a vodka-spiked strawberry lemonade. Um…yum. My friends know I’m a vodka girl (cannot handle any dark liquor…tequila, whiskey, yuck) and I love, LOVE sweet drinks. The cocktail was only $7 and I’m used to paying $12+ for my cocktails so that made me a real happy camper. This drink was so refreshing and sweet. Would definitely order again, though they had an extensive cocktail/spirits/beer/wine menu so maybe something else next time. 

I ordered the “All Day” Egg Sandwich which came with a whopping side of bacon…um, HELL YEAH?! The bacon was cooked to perfection — something  I will never be able to do. The egg sandwich was also pretty yummy….something about eating breakfast at night makes it taste that much better. The sandwich comes with egg, ham cheese and is served on a dutch crunch bread (though it wasn’t too crunchy).

Andrew ordered the Wagyu Beast Burger….if there’s anything I know about Andrew, it’s his breakfast order is always some form of an American breakfast and his lunch/dinner is always a burger. Always. We’ll step into a steak restaurant and he’ll be scanning the menu for a burger. Anyway, his burger looked really yummy (was too busy with my own sandwich and cocktail…and still drooling over the Mac & cheese “fries” to worry about his food) and really large. The fries that come on the side are also really good.

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Chocolate Hot + Cold

So I am convinced that no matter how much of your dinner you actually eat (I almost never finish my dinner so I say this at every dinner), you will always have room for dessert. I like to tell people it goes to a different part of the stomach (science). We ordered the Chocolate Hot + Cold for dessert which was essentially chocolate gelato sent straight from the GODS. The server poured hot fudge over the top when he dropped the dessert off so it was the perfect combination of hot and cold, as its name suggests, and there were little cake “crouton” bits and chocolate malt balts. The ice cream melted in my mouth and I shed a single tear of happiness over dessert.

Overall, this place was SO damn good! Service was alright, which is what I expected from a Saturday night in LA, the restaurant itself is aesthetically pleasing and the vibe is very trendy. It seems like a fun place to meet up with friends and grab a drink or two and maybe 7 desserts. The prices are also extremely reasonable (but I might still be traumatized from San Francisco prices) so I will definitely be back. Special thank you to my boyfriend for dinner. You’re the best!

Location: 10850 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90024


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