Explorin’ gravity x catalyst

The few times I’m not too lazy to leave the house, I like to explore cute places. Even though I grew up here, I didn’t get a chance to eat or explore LA much and now that I’m a pretend adult, what better time than now? After brunch today, Adriana and I went next door to a cute little store called gravity x catalyst. It’s a combination of two shops in one that sells clothing and dainty jewelry, as well as other local goods such as candles, lotion & handmade cards (my favorite!).

We met the nicest guy ever, Steven, who told us a little bit about the shop and products. I think he’s one of the owners? But I could be making that up…either way, he was really nice and didn’t seem like he was judging me and Adriana taking pictures around their shop. Anyway! I normally don’t buy things at little boutique shops because your girl cannot afford it but something about this place was so nice. Steven let us know that the jewelry was all handmade in Los Angeles, as well as the clothing. I love the idea of shopping local and supporting small businesses — I know the impact is far greater than shopping at a Forever 21 or H&M. I like supporting artists’ work when I can and I’m glad I stumbled upon this particular shop.

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Best Friendship shirts! Is that a thing? It is now.

I ended up caving and so did Adriana (What did I say? We enable each other.) and we got these friendship shirts. If that wasn’t a thing before, it is now. It’s the cutest little gray tank with little graphics including bananas, cats, pizza, California, etc. That was not the greatest description but please refer to the picture above. Also, doesn’t it look like we just stepped out of a coloring book? Love it. If you’re a jewelry type of gal/guy, they have such a wide selection of dainty necklaces and earrings from Catalyst Jewelry. Adriana has like 18 ear piercings so of course, she caved on earrings. I probably would have too if I wasn’t in a place in my life where I lose 97% of the jewelry I own.

After exploring their website, I read that Gravity LA was founded in 2013 to “raise money to support those that are willing to leave their comfortable homes and venture out into the unknown and dangerous to bring hope, life, and love to those that are desperately in need of it. Although not a non-profit or cause-for-profit, [they] do [their] best to balance running a business and giving to further the cause.” I love how upfront and honest they are. There’s something so frustrating about reading big corporations selling their products and saying something along the lines of “5% of every purchase will go to so & so…” Stuff like that irks me because I know their company is worth so much more and they can afford to donate far more than 5% so it’s clear this is just another marketing strategy.

As their website describes it, Gravity LA”[does] not set a donation percentage so that [their] giving comes from a place of generosity and joy and not from a place of mandatory obligation.” I love, love, love this. I know running a small business cannot be cheap and I would much rather read that they donate what they can and when they can, as opposed to a certain percentage per sale. Their honesty is refreshing, their brand is simple & cute and the hospitality is top-notch. Will be back.

Check out some of their stuff:
http://www.gravityla.org/  and http://www.gravityxcatalyst.com/

2017-01-11 03.32.20 1.jpg

Location: gravity x catalyst, 620 S La Brea Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90036


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