Disney College Program: Main Street Electrical Parade + Friends

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The Main Street Electrical Parade makes its return after 20 years! Such a magical experience.

Yesterday was such a magical day! I told you this blog would be 100% cheesy. My friends and I all got to see the first night of the Main Street Electrical Parade on…you guessed it, Main Street, at the Disneyland Resort.

So my wonderful roommate, Katy, will also be working in Hotels with me (you can catch her at Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa….which is probably one of the most beautiful hotels I’ve ever laid my eyes on) and I both have six days off until we start On the Job Training. I spent my first day off after three days of back-to-back sessions sleeping in and not doing much at all. It’s a beautiful life, let me tell you.

I had dinner with my wonderful parents and one of my mom’s friends yesterday at Brodard’s, which if you have not tried, you are missing out. It’s one of the few places that serves actually good Vietnamese food, which I am very biased about because I’m used to only my mom’s cooking. We had dinner around 5 pm because my parents are so old and they need to be in bed by 7 pm every night. Just kidding! They had to pick up my little sister at 8 pm. After dinner, I got to show them my cute apartment and then afterwards, I made the long 10 minute trek to Disneyland to join my roommates and our friend, Lara, for the Main Street Electrical Parade.

So I am one of the few people who knows very little about this parade but apparently it was a very big deal….a long time ago. There’s a chance that maybe my parents took me to it when I was little but I really have no recollection of it. I have the memory of a very small goldfish that you win at a fair. I’m no expert on Disney parades so that’s all I can say about that. I do know that last night was the first night of its return and it hasn’t been at the Disneyland Resort for 20+ years (Thanks, Google!). It was such a magical experience! We got to see Snow White and Cinderella (HEYYY CINDY!) and a bunch of cute snails and turtles and Peter and Alice and it was a real fun time.

Before the parade though, we got to take little Katy on her first ever Radiator Springs Racers experience in Carsland. It was so much fun and little Katy did enjoy her first time. My little North Carolinian (is that a word?) baby. I’m so excited to meet new people through this program.

Anyway, today is another day off and I believe tonight is Date Night with my Andrew, which will be a nice break from all this newness. Stay tuned for more! Though I’ve been to the park about 8x a year, I still have yet to try so many things. One of those being…COVE BAR?!?! YES! Stay tuned for that post. Important.


One thought on “Disney College Program: Main Street Electrical Parade + Friends

  1. That was really nice to read, and I enjoyed how you mixed in your humor with it like the joke about your parents going to bed super early. That’s awesome you get a few days off before you start as well.


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