Disney College Program: HOW IS IT APRIL!?

2017-03-27 07.34.45 1.jpg
So glad the #lynnmaidynasty got to hang out last month.

Hi mama! Hope you enjoy this post. See above for photo of your photogenic children.

How is it mid-April already?! It’s been a hot minute since I’ve sat down to write. It’s been a wild ride for the past few months or since the last time I wrote. We’re about halfway through the program now (our mid-program celebration is next, next Thursday on the Boardwalk!) and I have no idea where the time has gone.

Things are going pretty well at work, all things considered. I still love my role and coworkers and location. I’m also still learning a lot everyday and still able to create magic on a daily basis, which is nice and keeps what little soul I have alive. I’ve been working about 40 hours per week like an actual adult but I work at the Disneyland Hotel so how adult am I, really? Childhood Jeannie is loving life right now. The only updates I have are that I’ve finally nailed getting my costume on in about 15 minutes instead of 45 minutes (pantyhose is the worst, people) and more importantly, I got a mentor! There’s a cool mentor program they do at our hotel where we get paired up with a lead and they teach us all that they know and love us and take care of us and protect us and nurture us and raise us like we’re their own. Half kidding (my trainer, Kim, already did that for me) but I am looking forward to the mentor program. I got paired with a great lead so I am so, so stoked about all that he can teach me. We get along well and I look up to him……literally. He’s super tall. And also mentally, I guess. He’s been really helpful so I am lucky to have gotten him as a mentor (#blessed).

Also, my family keeps asking me if everything is okay with Andrew (????). Which is kinda funny at this point, since we’ve been together long enough that everyone can just assume that we’re good, okay. I’ll make a public service announcement if we ever break up…..which won’t happen so don’t look forward to that. You’ll get a PSA when we send out our Save the Dates in ten years, lol. But also, weddings are expensive so do I even want to have one?? Stay tuned. Anyway, MOM, our relationship is almost as perfect as he is and we’re coming up on three years together soon….hehe. Ten years of friendship, three years in a relationship. Crazy. I’m like actually twelve years old so how have we been friends that long? Anyway. He’s the best. This relationship rocks. He’s wonderful and spoils me. Love you ♥

2017-03-28 09.09.29 1.jpg
Ugh. Look at him. I can’t.

Anyway, today was a beautiful day. Went to the parks (shocking!) with roomies and friends…saw Mickey & the Magical Map for the first time TWICE in a row and I think I nearly fainted. What an amazing show and hidden gem in Disneyland. 10/10 recommend since I will be at every show on my days off from this point forward. See you there! Also watched the Soundsational (….is that how it’s spelled? Why does that look incorrect?) parade for the first time in full and that parade blew my mind. Disney is so much fun. ALSO, little side note but last Friday, I thought I had made a reservation at Carnation Cafe because I was really craving those Mickey waffles but it turns out I never hit that little “Book” button so we got ready and showed up……for no reason because they didn’t accept walk-ins and I had forgotten to make a reservation. Mariel and Katy were super forgiving but I almost cried over not getting a Mickey waffle. I literally went to school to plan events and I couldn’t even make a brunch reservation. BUT ANYWAY, I actually made a reservation for this morning at Carnation Cafe (I ACTUALLY DID IT THIS TIME, I triple checked) and the hostess, Vanessa, HOOKED IT UP with the cutest outdoor table under the gazebo because “we were so patient and looked like princesses.” I die. Vanessa, shoutout to YOU, you beautiful, magical soul. Disney magic is REAL, PEOPLE. We spent way too much time there taking photos……….but you know I got that good brunch pic.

2017-04-14 11.17.26 1.jpg
I’m that girl standing on her chair to get this AMAZING SHOT.

Anyway, today was perfect. Life hasn’t been treating me all too nicely (I mean, it’s all a long series of first world problems so in the grand scheme of things, life is really great and I’m too blessed to have this life honestly, but also, I’m allowed to have small problems sometimes, right?) but today was the perfect day off and just what I needed. I had one off day this week but my recovery time is about 24 hours which I feel like is pretty good for the average human being. Like I could have stretched it out to like…17 years but I shoved all that sadness into one little day. I also have the most supportive roommates because I can literally text them “I’m sad” and Katy will come home with flowers and my favorite ice cream for me and the next day, Diana and Ethan will drop off Starbucks and macaroons for me at work. No joke, this literally happened this week. So……if your friends don’t do this for you when you’re sad, y’all need to UPGRADE. I am SO blessed.

2017-04-14 04.37.51 1.jpg
These girls are perfect. (Ethan, who is also perfect, not pictured.)
2017-04-14 10.32.24 1.jpg
Ethan (pictured) and I….sponsored by Coca Cola.

In other news, my birthday is coming up (April 30th, for all 4 of you who were super curious) and I am turning the big 2-2 (I don’t know about you……..but I’m feelin’….like I don’t want to get any older). I already feel like a 65 year old woman with how much I like to sleep, watch Planet Earth documentaries, and lounge around in sweats but whatever. 22 works also. Not sure what to do for my birthday yet. I was thinking all 3 of my friends and I could get dolled up and go to the Costco food court because ya girl loves a good chicken bake but those plans are TBD.

Here’s some more photos for your viewing pleasure. That’s pretty much all I’ve got for you. Life is pretty……..normal. I mean, I’m trying to love every minute because you pretty much only get like…one life. So. More updates to come in the next few months. Blogging is hard. I could never get famous doing this.

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You guys, adventure is out there. Took a beautiful hike the other day and saw all that California had to offer. Iconic. Brilliant. Beautiful.
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I need almost as much attention as Tinkerbell does.
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Wayfinding is really hard when you’re not looking in the right direction.
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Buy me a Dole Whip and tell me I’m pretty.

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