Halfway through the Program!

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So we are officially more that halfway through this program! We’ve actually been more than halfway through the program but I am terrible at keeping up with this blog so here we are. I feel like a lot of things have happened since I last wrote….so where to begin?

I completely forgot to write about the Mid-Program Celebration! So the Mid-Program Celebration took place on April 27 on the Boardwalk at Disney California Adventure and it was literally better than a dream come true. I know a lot of planning went in to the event and it was amazing. The event took place from 9ish-pm to 11ish-pm and the theme was Boundin’ on the Boardwalk…so we Disney Bounded. Obviously. I know it’s a little hard to tell who I am but I was Boo, the very lovable lil’ thing from Monsters Inc. It was super fun to Disney Bound for the first time!! We got to ride Toy Story Mania as many times as we wanted (imagine that, no 90 minute line!) and got free churros (I am not afraid to admit I ate about 17) and danced all night. The DJ was shockingly better than any DJ I’ve had at sad high school/college dances. Props to you, Disney.

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What else have I not talked about? I was on the Disney Programs Blog so I am practically famous now. I’ll remember all my fans when I make it big. Here’s the link to that blog where my roommate, Mariel, was also featured beside me….I don’t really know how we’re going to deal with the fame but take a peek here:

Disney Programs Blog: Disney Bound

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The best of the best.
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That feel when the program is more than halfway done 😦

Other than that, life has been pretty okay. There have been some ups and downs but there will always be ups and downs. I have a great support system to get me through the downs and for them, I am eternally grateful (….cue green aliens from Toy Story). I am very, very blessed and I need to remember that on the bad days.

Until next time, lil’ blog.


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